Hiking Trails Nearby

Own hiking trail 3km

The hiking trail can be reached directly from the courtyard of the holiday home area. The first section of the route follows the shores of Valkeisenlampi, after which you move to Karjalaisenmäki in more forested and ridged terrain. Along the scenery, you can enjoy the sounds and smells of nature along the way, as well as observe animals, plants and other natural wonders.

Huuhkajan kierros (Owl tour) 6km

The owl tour starts from Vongankoski. The terrain is quite demanding ascents and descents and the path is rocky in places. The route is marked with a white circle. The recommended direction of travel is counterclockwise. The terrain of the route is mostly dry pine fabric, but along the route there are also a couple of small bogs that are crossed along the elongated trees.

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Pisa hiking trail in Nilsiä 8.5km

The rocky paths of Pisa are demanding, but the ascent to the steep slope of Pisa has been facilitated by stairs and rest platforms as well as railings. Along the route you will find the sight Tower of Pisa and the Pirunkellari.

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